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At our heart is a passion for incredible craft skills. Our design methodology is story led and the makers who help us tell these stories are the lifeblood of what we do. They realise our ideas as objects. Products that connect to our heritage and acquire personalities as they connect with yours.




Our headquarters is located at the centre of the Donegal Tweed industry. An internationally acclaimed luxury material used in each of the protective covers for our leather goods. The wool is wound, the fabric woven, and the coverings hand made in Donegal by fifth generation Irish weavers and seamstresses. And our linen textiles are the product of centuries of Linen manufacturing heritage across the Island of Ireland.


We have cultivated relationships throughout Europe that allow us to spend time and thought perfecting each piece and experimenting alongside some of the world’s most skilful leather craftspeople from Spain, France, and Italy. Our leather workers’ skill is the culmination of 200 years of family heritage and a deep desire to push boundaries.


Our knitwear is hand made in Donegal, Ireland, by knitters and needleworkers who have practiced their art since childhood.Now a staple of the older generation, we work with makers who are truly passionate about keeping this skill alive.


Our Sketchbooks and Notebooks are hand sewn, tied, and bound in Belfast, Northern Ireland, by local artisans who practice a craft that crosses academic and artistic boundaries in a city often overlooked by the outside world.


From technology to timeless technical knowledge, we believe collaboration matters across borders. We source components and know-how from Spain, Italy, France, the USA, China, South Korea, the UK, Portugal, and of course Ireland, finding the best to perfect each piece of the puzzle. Our commitment to these makers bears fruit in the ties we develop with artisans around the globe, people passionate about their craft and wholly engaged with it. And it is our promise that we will always acknowledge and show our deepest respect and gratitude to these artisans, without whom our stories would go untold.

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