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At Blake’s of the Hollow there’s a photo of a gentle soul on the wall. An educator who travelled the globe twice over; intelligent, impeccable, inspiring, and discreet. We proudly imbue those qualities in our flagship hold all.

A bag for the refined traveller. We challenged ourselves to embody the natural qualities of contemporary Ireland. Tactile, pure, and considered with an emphasis on folds, soft materials, knots, and clasps. Forgoing zips as, by composition, they have a resistant, mechanical, and industrial quality.

Placed definitively within the contemporary, Blake’s leather wrapped carbon fibre frame provides strength and flexibility while keeping him light and agile. A meeting of modern tech materials and craft techniques perfected over centuries Blake is a bag that represents everything we at Hawthorn strive to create.

202203 Hawthorn 0030.jpg
202203 Hawthorn 0032.jpg


Enhancing the luxury of hand-crafted leather bags with contemporary technical materials. Blake is a refinement of truly innovative leather craftsmanship, technical engineering, and materials experimentation.

000005 11_HR.jpg

Custom gold-plated hardware was designed and engineered in Ireland for BLAKE’s unique design requirements. 

Tactile dimpled latches, hinges, and saddles finish the frame, while custom designed screws set the components flush.

202203 Hawthorn 0028.jpg

BLAKE: Unmistakably Hawthorn

Unmistakably Hawthorn, The IRÍSTON Emblem is sewn in multi-layered leather on its base. An asymmetrical image in leather, designed to depict the curving mountains beside the Hawthorn, and the hills that reach the rivers, and the sea beneath the sun.

202203 Hawthorn 0025_HR.jpg

The slim magnetically enhanced carbon fibre frame, wrapped in top grain calf-leather provides strength, flexibility, and design integrity. BLAKE has the performance of a traditional physicians’ bag with the increased size and lightweight elements of a globe-trotting hold all.

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