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At Blake’s of the Hollow there’s a photo of a gentle soul on the wall. An educator at Oscar Wilde’s school who partied by the Hawthorn then travelled the globe twice over; intelligent, impeccable, inspiring, and discreet. We proudly imbue those qualities in BLAKE.

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For the refined traveller, BLAKE uses technology to enhance the luxury of hand-crafted leather bags. We challenged ourselves to embody the natural qualities of Ireland. Qualities we interpret as tactile, pure, and considered. We emphasised folds, soft materials, knots, and clasps. Forgoing zips as, by composition, they feature resistant, mechanical, and industrial aspects of form and function. 

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Custom Gold-Plated Hardware


Hand Polished


Engineered and Designed in Ireland


Hand Fitted


Over 40 individual components

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The product of countless refinements in technical engineering, materials experimentation, and truly innovative leather craftsmanship. BLAKE lies open as you pack and is uncomplicated in transit. A slim magnetically enhanced carbon fibre frame wrapped in leather provides strength, flexibility, and design integrity. This gives BLAKE the attributes of a traditional physicians’ bag with the increased size and lightweight elements of a globe-trotting hold all. 

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Powerful flexible magnets, embedded in the leather cover maintain shape and enhance the solidity of the closure. Custom gold-plated hardware, developed in Ireland, was engineered specifically to fit BLAKE’s unique design requirements. These tactile indented latches, hinges, and saddles finish the frame, while custom designed screws set the components flush.


Unmistakably Hawthorn, BLAKE bears The IRÍSTON Emblem on its base. 

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